3 Ways Income Stream

You can earn 3 ways by combining Tsū with YouTube and following these steps:

1. Publish your video on YouTube, ensure it is monetized on YouTube.
2. Take the YouTube video link and publish it on your Tsū page where it will show a preview of the video.
3. Take your Tsu short code and announce everywhere that you have a new video on your Tsū network.

This method allows you to make money:

On YouTube
On Tsū
On any new Tsū user wanting to see your video.

The content you share is forever tied to you and you earn 33.3% of the revenue they create in perpetuity and about 11% of their audience’s income that they make forever.

Watch the Video of My Pencil Hyperrealism drawing on Tsū

For more info on Tsū, CLICK HERE

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