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Prince Osaro Osula, born May 10th 1983, from Edo, Nigeria. A self taught Artist passionate about Hyperrealism/Photorealism, previous owner of Hyssop Klin Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services.

Interior Designer / Corporate Buyer Program.

What is this?
The average consumer buys one or two prints at a time, uses them to decorate a room in his or her house, and isn’t expecting any sort of “volume discount” because the order size is relatively small. Interior designers and corporate art buyers, on the other hand, operate much differently. They work on large-scale design projects (e.g. hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, etc.) and routinely place orders for hundreds of prints at a time. Continue reading Interior Designer / Corporate Buyer Program.

Introducing The President of CHIMA UNA Foundation (Girl Child Education)

CHIMA UNA Foundation is the recipient of my contribution (Mother Teresa Pastel Painting) to support Girl Child Education, find more details below.

Emmanuel Uchechukwu Okoro founder and president of CHIMA UNA Foundation in 2011, and also the author of TOTEM OF FREEDOM, which address Girl Child Education, in line with the foundations objectives.

He has also written articles on women/girl child in titles like cultural impediment on women, the widow and the society, the girl child phenomenon etc.

The book Totem Of Freedom was approved by the Ministry Of Education in Ebonyi State Nigeria, and has sold 5000+ copies Continue reading Introducing The President of CHIMA UNA Foundation (Girl Child Education)