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What is is an online community that helps you meet and connect with new and interesting people from all over the world with unique skills and talents that you may be interested in.
The platform also provides SMEs, Entrepreneurs Artists and Musicians with FREE and affordable tools to help them promote their Business, Brand, Product, Service, Event, Blog, Music, Website, Special Offers etc via Social Media, giving them massive exposure and getting them discovered online.

Meet And Connect With Interesting People
The Naibac community is made up of people and businesses from all over the world, and the idea is to help you grow your Business and Social contacts.
Each user or Business on Naibac is registered under a specific category that uniquely identifies their skillset. Examples of such categories include; Baker, App Developer, Blogger, Driver, Event Planner, Farmer, Photographer, etc (You can view the full list of categories here:
This makes it easier for you to find other members with your same skillset so that you can share ideas and experiences, or find other members with skillsets that you need to assist you with running your own Business – paving the way for future collaborations.

FREE Business Ads
Members are entitled to post Free Ads on our site daily. Posting an Advert is as simple as logging into the website, clicking on the “Advert” menu, clicking on the “Post Advert” link, entering details of your Advert and submitting. Your Advert will be instantly published on ALL our Twitter Accounts multiple times to help boost its visibility and ensure as many people as possible get to see it.
We also offer our members other Promotional Services that they can access via Promo Points – the currency of the Naibac platform. Members earn Promo Points by participating in the community and contributing on the platform. After Promo Points have been accumulated they can be redeemed via one of our many Promotion Services to advertise whatever you want – new product, latest album, upcoming event, blog, special offers, tour packages, startup launch etc.
You can learn more about our Promo Points, how to earn them and how to redeem them here:

So How Do I Sign Up?

Joining our community of over 6,000 members is quick and easy, just follow this link to register:
Once you’re registered and activated your account you can start participating in the community, growing your contacts, accumulating Promo Points and enjoying Free Business Adverts. Enjoy!


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