How To Find The Right People On Tsu

Q. How do you find the right people on


A. Ask yourself…what is your interest/skill. Supposing the answer is Hyperrealism/Photorealism Art; then you could start by followingother Hyperrealism/Photorealism Artists that either have a similar

style to you or who’s work you like. This may give you inspiration to create your next art piece, give you a new contact with whom you can share ideas or identify a new fan of your work.

Q. But how?

A. The quick way would be to search within the platform, view profiles of your kinds and then decide if you will follow or add as friends. Remember…if you like someone’s work…tell them! It’s amazing the connections and even friendships that will develop, even commenting, sharing and liking makes you highly visible to friends and followers of the person who made the post.

You can also write an article about the social network on your blog or website, just like my page titled TSU, this medium will make it easy for you to invite your kinds to the platform, which would grow your family tree, and I am sure you know the benefits of growing your network (more income).

Bear in mind, all of my tips will relate to Art, but you could just as easily apply the thinking to whatever topic you like.

Be Kind to Share.

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