Pilot Poster Review: Post To Facebook Groups While You Asleep

What is Pilot Poster

Pilot Poster (PilotPoster.com), is an online tool that posts automatically to Facebook groups and Facebook pages, but I don’t use it for my pages because I prefer the Facebook Page Manager.

What are the Features of Pilot Poster

It’s a free facebook group auto poster, it’s packed with premium features but completely free with the features below:

1. Add Multiple Facebook Accounts

Pilot Poster lets you add multiple facebook account. This will enable you post to hundreds of groups under different facebook accounts. This means, you can send one single post to hundreds of facebook groups under separate facebook accounts. Just make sure you always read the guide highlighted with red at the top of the page when you log into your account to avoid facebook ban.

2. Categorise your Facebook Groups and Pages

Pilot poster has made it easy for you to separate groups based on their interests. This will mean you’ll be achieving a better result when you schedule posts. I find this feature interesting, it helps me obey the rules by not going off the interest on facebook groups to getting better results and avoiding the facebook ban.

3. Auto post Schedule Function

Pilot Poster enables you to post even when your computer or mobile device is off, with the Post Schedule function, you can pre-set posts with time intervals for your posting campaign. You do not need to be online or on the website, all you do is schedule and relax.

4. Facebook Jail Prevention Tools

When you post to too many facebook groups at a short timing intervals, Facebook will flag your account for some hours or days before you can use the group function on facebook. That period of ban is called Facebook Jail. Have had this experience, not a good one at all, especially if you have a deadline, I was jailed for a week
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However, Pilot Poster has implemented some features to help you prevent Facebook jail. 


Ability to use Unique links & Unique Posts functions

You can switch between Facebook accounts

Auto Pause/Resume posts after a certain number of posts

Ability to switch between multiple facebook apps for auto posting.

5. Free Support

Pilot Poster offers free support via chat and email. Whenever you encounter any issue, simply chat the support up or drop them a mail.

How to Create a Pilot Poster Account

The sign up process for Pilot Poster is simple and very straightforward, click on www.pilotposter.com and register for free.

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