Reasons I Think Ramati Art Africa Is Not Straight

The image above is my submission for the Ramati Art Africa Afriuture 2018 sponsored by Omenka Art Gallery

Reasons why I think the afriuture 2018 does not make sense, and organisers are not honest:

1. The judges deciding at every stage, there was no poll for fans of artists or the public to vote at least to choose the top ten.

2. The theme for the competition is “Afro Utopia” meaning heaven on earth in Africa. But most of the art the judges chose for the finale were abstract, instead of paintings illustrating Afro Utopia.

3. A document I was suppose to receive via email before 5th of June, came in days after the 5th.

4. For the finale judges were suppose to choose ten artists, but instead they chose only eight, and i very much assume they are family and friends. According to an artist on Instagram, it was an in-house thing. See screenshot below

It’s a shame that people who claim to be masters, people meant to Inspire us, are the ones carrying out the act. Nigeria is now a country where those that are growing cannot look up to the elderly as a mentor, what a shame.

I would appreciate it, if legal practitioners can give their opinion after reading. Kindly share with social media buttons below, lets educate others

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