Tsu On YouLikeHits

Tsu on YouLikeHits

Some weeks ago, a survey was done on YouLikeHits, asking us members who uses the website as a promotional tool, to suggest a social media platform to be added, I personally suggested Tsu the monetized social network, unknowingly I think a high amount of us came up with the same idea. Suddenly I saw Tsu listed on YouLikeHits with a red tag saying New.On YouLikeHits you earn or buy points for your promotions its very easy to use. Immediately I saw that Tsu was on the website, I added my account quickly, because I have been familiar with YouLikeHits for almost a year, it really helped in promoting my twitter: @OsaroOsula so I couldn’t doubt it for even a second. The last time I checked, I had 23 followers on Tsu from YoulikeHits, so I decided I send the ladder down for like minds and anyone this information would be useful to.

If you are not yet a member of YouLikeHits, click on Register Now and join, it takes less than five minutes, and none of your vital information is needed, for example they don’t need your passwords to your accounts, and its accessible via any device including mobile.

Join and start immediately by acquiring some free points through some easy exercise like viewing on some websites you are interested in, you can learn a lot by viewing on some interesting websites, I gain a lot of points and awareness together through this exercise, give it a try and I bet you won’t stop.

Feel free to ask any questions, just enter your comments below.

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