#WeAreNigerianCreatives Start Earning With Your Twitter

ArtBlast iNetwork Empowering #WeAreNigerianCreatives, sponsored by Naibac.

The iNetwork (Influencer Network) is a Social Media Dashboard App like TweetDeck that allows Nigerian Creatives lend their Twitter Accounts to boost content and get paid.

Members (Influencers) would be categorised by amount of followers to achieve an algorithm to ensure payments are distributed based on reach.

Below are the available categories. Note that the full meaning of CL-A is “Creatives in Level A” and Fs is Followers

CL- A = 50k Fs and Above
CL- B = 45k – 49k+ Fs
CL- C = 40k – 44k+ Fs
CL- D = 35k – 39k+ Fs
CL- E = 30k – 34k+ Fs
CL- F = 25k – 29k+ Fs
CL- G = 20k – 24k+ Fs
CL- H = 15k – 19k+ Fs
CL- I = 10k – 14k+ Fs
CL- J = 5k – 9k+ Fs
CL- K = 1k – 4k+ Fs
MI = 500 – 900+ Fs

MI (Micro Influencers) was included to make sure almost everybody is not left out. Payments would be released when any group hit a threshold of N3,000 per influencers

Its free and simple to join the iNetwork, your Twitter password is not needed. Simply click on join now below to register your Twitter


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