Webfluential Review: Start Earning With Your Social Media

Do you know Social Media is a big deal to individuals and brands, as the biggest brands have found their way to social media to place their products and services in the face of a digitally active generation, no one wants to lose out. Name them, the President of Nigeria, Glo, MTN, Mercedes, Konga, Jumia, Apple, CNN. Social media platforms are proving to be the real deal career or brand game changer. And whichever side you fall into, there seems to be something for everyone. Despite some social platforms thriving more than others, all seem to be relevant for brand advertising in one niche way or the other.

We have brands leverage on individuals with high social media numbers to get their message out to a larger and targeted audience; this intent is simple – to market more of their product/services and generate revenue from it.

Social media as a whole is still unravelling its many possibilities, those who seem to have mastered the art of how to use it extensively to disseminate information are easily found attractive by brands. We have brands leverage on individuals with high social media numbers to get their message out to a larger target audience; this intent is simple – to market more of their services and generate revenue from it.

The influencer marketing industry is experiencing fast revenue increase from brands who have taken notice of the power of social media.

How Do Brands And Influencer Partnerships Works?

Brands need visibility for their products in every positive way possible so they will use influenced people who have gained notoriety on a certain issue which resonates with their brand ideals. The partnership between brands and influencers takes place in varying ways which may involve sharing of content for brand products and services from influencer social media handles, writing an article or post to endorse brand products to its users on influencer’s blog, the influencer having engagements with their followers on their experiences with the brand and encouraging them to use more of the products or services etc. Influencers are paid by brands to do this for their products and services and brands gain maximum exposure from these activities in return.

Real Life Example Of An Influencer

Japheth Omojuwa is one of such people. He has been able to influence audiences? Practically speaking, yes and in diverse ways one who does not know much about this Nigerian who also happened to win Webfluential’s African Blogger Awards 2016 Twitter handle of the year may not understand. He made the 7 figures fees in our local currency (a competitive figure any Nigerian celebrity will be willing to take up to endorse a brand) for his annual representation of multinational brands on Twitter.

What is Webfluential?

Webfluential is a leading influencer marketing platform where brands connect with digital creators. Started in 2012 by co-founders, Mike Sharman and Murray Legg, Webflential is free to access.

Signing up to Webfluential seemed super easy;
• Begin an application with your personal twitter handle
• Complete your profile
• Connect all of your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube
• Connect your blog if any
To join now click SIGN UP

Do you qualify to be on Webfluential?

You do if you have any one of the following;
• A blog with active Google analytics to enable Webfluential rate your blog viewership
• Strong social media handles with large numbers are termed to be better influencers and command larger quotes than smaller handles. Webfluential classes a 10,000 followership on a tier 3 influencer level and 50,000 and above on a tier 1, I am tier 5

Webfluential social estimator can check out how much you could earn per tweet, Facebook or Instagram post, find my estimation below

Facebook Fan Page: $40 per post
Twitter: $20 per tweet
Instagram: $10 per post

They may be changes in the details if you check, because i am working seriously on the growth of my followers, and can choose to discount it for personal reasons

NOTE: avoid buying fake followers that do not convert, it will mess everything up, the estimator works with the engagement on your tweets/post.

If you have any questions simply enter it as a comment. For more updates subscribe to my blog.

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